NIH under investigation for  hideous experiments

"Ticket back to   normal"

LUNATIC KAREN Assualts Man For Being Unmasked, While She's Unmasked On an Airplane caution, adult language

Dem senator claims he didn't know event he attended was linked to Communist Party  but video suggests otherwise

Florida Sheriff Praises Resident Who Opened Fire on Intruder:  He Shot Him a Lot

Nashville Official Investigation: I have completed my investigation of the bomb site, and can unequivocally assure you this WAS a random act by a maniac, and NOT a targeted explosive placed in a specific spot on this specific street to destroy this specific building which housed election equipment

This is not in China however  This is in AUSTRALIA

Paradise in   Australia

Eric Clapton sings  Stand and Deliver

What happened to   Eric Clapton

India needs to scrap   the liability clause

Home Covid  Test

Dr. Daniel Nagase exposes an emerging public health   disaster

Rittenhouse Verdict Raises Concerns That Its No Longer Safe To Beat People To Death With A Skateboard   Funny stuff

Argentina to suspend vaccines until 2023 because of the increase in cases of thrombosis & other adverse effects observed.

A nurse just body slams   with facts.

U.S. Congress Is Exempt From Vaccine Mandates. U.S. Congress Is NOT Exempt From Owning Shares In Vaccine Companies. A LOT of shares. Owned by a LOT of Congressmen.

Covid-19 Outbreak Kills 8 Fully Vaxxed Residents at Connecticut Nursing Home   That means it's working, right?

Citigroup Employee   Speaks Out

Study: Build Back Better Act Costs $4.91 Trillion   Build Back Better Act

Mail your vote on a napkin? Election official in Washington state says   that counts

Good God! Prosecutor takes the AR  Inexcusable.

Fourth police officer who responded to Capitol riot dies of  suicide

Julio Lugo, shortstop for 2007 champion Boston Red Sox,"   dies at 45

Where do you want to go...